Molly Murray (2109 Pushcart Prize Nominee; Author of Today, She Is; Outdoor Editor of Panorama: The Journal)

Hands down one of the very best writing workshops I have ever attended – miles above many of the writing workshops I’ve encountered in many of the top conferences for a much higher price. The atmosphere and ambiance were amazing even over Zoom; Alyssa is a fantastic teacher who leads an enlightening class at a great pace. She opened a new world for me and gave me practices I now incorporate in every writing session.

Published by Alyssa Herzinger

I'm a transformation coach for womxn who are tired of living life by default and are looking for something ✨ magical ✨. I blend together elements of writing, yoga, voicework, mindfulness, creativity, and magic to help you discover what your dream life is, and come up with real steps to make it happen! One of the first steps with all my clients is getting back in touch with intuition, or inner wisdom. My courses are designed to playfully get you in touch with your intuition and creativity so you can use them in all areas of your life!